Diagnostic Equipment

KRYPTOR automatic
immunochemical analyser

Specification of the device

KRYPTOR is a bench-top immunochemical analyser intended for medium laboratories. It uses unique Nobel Prize-winning TRACE® technology.


Test performance:

  • Kryptor Classic: 115 tests/hour
  • Kryptor Compact: 50 tests/hour
  • Kryptor Compact plus: 60 tests/hour

Specimen capacity:

  • Kryptor Classic: 50 places for specimens
  • Kryptor Compact: 64 places for specimens
  • Kryptor Compact plus: 64 places for specimens

Reagent capacity:

  • Kryptor Classic: 15 reagent positions
  • Kryptor Compact: 12 reagent positions
  • Kryptor Compact plus: 8 reagent positions


Reagents identified and entered into the system with the use of barcodes. Reagents are cooled by the device at temperature 2-8 °C. There is no need to remove reagents from the analyser during breaks from work. The contents of the reagent area and their expiry date are monitored automatically.


A possibility of programming cito tests (Random Access). Effective system of automatic dilutions. Possibility of adding subsequent specimens without stopping the analyser.


It works with the laboratory information system (LIS). Graphical representation of the tests performed, device status, reagents level in real time. Graphical representation of calibration curves. Possibility of storing results of tests, controls and calibrations in computer’s database.

The analyser consists of the following parts:

  1. The pipetting unit consists of the heated needle and the wash station, in which the needle is washed. The needle collects and places all the liquids necessary for the analysis (reagents and specimens) into the reaction dimple plate. At the end of the procedure, the pipetting needle is effectively washed to prevent the transfer of material to the next specimen.
  2. Canisters for buffer, distilled water and waste. The liquids’ level is monitored by the device itself.
  3. Reagent/specimen module (carousel). It is divided into five segments. Reagents or specimens can be placed at Positions 1, 2 and 3. Positions 4 and 5 can only be used for specimen cassettes. When the cover is open, the carousel can be rotated so that all positions can be easily reached.
  4. Measuring/ reading module. Module, in which fluorescence of the specimen is measured on the reaction unit.
  5. Barcode reader. Reagents, controls, calibrators and specimens are identified and entered into the system with the use of barcodes.
  6. Computer with software.


Białko surowicy ludzkiej. Rozwiązanie w sytuacjach złożonych. Produkt zarejestrowany w Polsce .

Kryptor Compact

  • Wydajność: do 50 testów/godzinę
  • 64 miejsca na próbki
  • 12 chłodzonych pozycji odczynnikowych

Kryptor Compact Plus

  • Wydajność: do 60 testów/godzinę
  • 64 miejsca na próbki
  • 8 chłodzonych pozycji odczynnikowych