Caring for Nature

In 2010, NOBIPHARM Ltd. joined the programme “Caring for Nature” established by Polski System Recyklingu Organizacja Odzysku S.A.

Participation in the programme “Caring for Nature” proves the engagement of the entrepreneur in the broader mission whose preliminary aim is to protect the natural environment.

“Caring for Nature” is a programme consisting of educational, informative and lobbying activities, which bring together manufacturers and importers of packaged articles, recovery and recycling companies, towns and districts, ecological organisations, schools and out-of-school centres as well as all people who care about the environment.

All those entities are linked by the first Polish recycling symbol – the sign “Caring for Nature” – which is placed on the environment-friendly packaging of the products, containers for selective recycling, on the windows of retail units selling products in packaging and everywhere where people related to environmental protection conduct their activities.

The essence of the programme includes implementation of common objectives for the participants in the field of education, information and public relations. Regular contact between participants of the programme allows not only to instantly respond to problems, but also to take on new challenges. Ecological education and information policy are the main objectives of the programme, as they are essential for the implementation of new legal regulations and for the forming of habits of programme participants with the help of NGOs and the media.